Noam Lewis

So, you want to allow some person less-privileged access to your git repository. For example, you don’t want anyone pushing to master except a select few. You’ve got it all figured out with gitolite or whatnot by using SSH public keys as an identity that determines privileges.

Your only problem is this: ever so often you need to go over to that person’s computer, sit together on some merge, and push into those higher-privileged repositories. But you can’t: you’re working on his/her computer, if you push you’ll be using their SSH key, and you just don’t have permissions.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just type:

git admin push

…then enter your password, and get it done with? Of course it would be nice! Here’s how to do it. It’s not limited to “push” of course – git admin will be a prefix for any command you want to…

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