Let us promote Open Document Format (ODF). The only reason I write this article is because the confusions of Microsoft Document Format (OOXML) brought by Microsoft Office against Open Document Format (ODF) brought by LibreOffice (and companions). The another reasonable reason for me is no exact match in search engine I found for “support open document format” keywords even until today. So I need to explain shortly why it is important to support ODF (and another open formats) followed by mentioning many important link resources for that. So please use ODF, use LibreOffice (or its companions), use them as far as we can. Then promote them. Propagate them so another one will use them either. I hope this article will be widely useful.


This article is a short collection of the reasons why ODF is important and why we need to avoid OOXML usages. Why we need to use LibreOffice…

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